SINAGO has been focusing on creating extraordinary luxury interiors for the past 15 years, in order to provide you and your clients with the most exquisite of experiences.


Retail spaces are particularly conducive to dynamic social changes and trends. You want your customers to have that unique shopping experience that will fill them with elan and enthusiasm. The SINAGO team will do everything to make the space reflect the high quality of your products.

Luxury Living

You have a successful career that enables you to afford the luxury you deserve. Your apartment or house is an intimate space where you and your loved ones want to spend your time in a practical, easy and safe manner. So it only makes sense that you would choose only the best for your interior design, in order to create a piece of art that will fulfil your dreams, and leave your guests speechless.


Behind your company’ success and world-renowned image lie years of dedicated work. You care about your offices and business spaces because you want your clients to meet the value of your products or services. It is equally important to make your employees feel satisfied and to have them see the company as their own. An office with quality design and construction is an environment that will yield new ideas and initiate a synergy required for an even better productivity.


A luxury hotel treats all of its guests as if they were adored and always welcome. The guest can relax and enjoy the sophisticated interiors and a royal treatment. This is precisely the feeling we want you to have when you entrust us with the task of designing your interiors.


The foundation of a top-quality result that will tell a great story is a well set-up project assignment and clearly set goals.


Your top designers and architects have already made a project design - great, let’s go to the next phase!


Project design analysis, selection of optimal materials and manner of performance


Production and testing at SINAGO facilities


Assembly (installation) on your location

Do you have a space that requires luxury fitting, but you don’t have a project design? No problem - in collaboration with our designers we will create exactly what you need.