SINAGO - Let’s make an ART!

SINAGO has been focusing on creating extraordinary luxury interiors for the past 15 years, in order to provide you and your clients with the most exquisite of experiences.

Great attention to detail and outstanding quality of our products are displayed in stores, hotels and offices of many premium brands over the world. One of our greatest passions is interior design of luxury apartments for people who want nothing less than perfection.

The audacity to face the most daring technical challenges in interior design has helped train our skilled workers to easily deliver unique and complex solutions, without the need to compromise.
Whichever material – solid wood, metal, glass, marble – our perfectionists will turn the set design into reality.


We see your space as a canvas to express our creativity. This is why we like to call the challenges that lie ahead of us the art of interior creation.

The knowledge and possibilities SINAGO possesses has led it to the very top of the global world of fitting luxury stores, hotels, business and private spaces.

This reputation is also a guarantee to the clients that all works will be performed in line with their image and that it will help make their business soar.
We are proud of our numerous performed works, and proud to have just as many satisfied.


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